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TeO2 Crystals For Your Acousto-Optic & Polarizing Optic Application

We are

"Crys-Teh Ltd." is new startup (established in 2020) devoted to the TeO2 crystal growth, processing and sell.

Our main target is to provide high quality TeO2 material with flexible prices, stable deliveries based on our own and international researches and developments.

We are open for collaboration and cooperation with any companies, institutes & universities all over the world.


TeO2 - The Best Material for Acousto-Optic & Polarizing Optic Application

TeO2 crystals grown by Czochralski method have:

  • High laser quality and uniformity

  • Minimum scattering on micro-defects

  • No bubbles inclusions, striaes, mechanical stresses

Our TeO2 crystals are the best for:


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